Dealing with Black Sands: getting all the gold out of . The answer as to how to best deal with black sand depends on how much you are generating. If you are an individual prospector who dredges or dry washes during weekends or while on vacation, you might generate 20 to 200 pounds per year. Mineral Sands - Community Over Mining The heavy mineral concentrates are sent to a dry separation plant, and the individual minerals are separated using their different magnetic and electrical properties at various elevated temperatures. Separation equipment includes high tension rolls (electrical), high intensity magnets and electrostatic plate separators. Why is cast iron called 'pig iron'? - Quora Pig iron is the first product of smelting iron ore . The name probably comes form the fact that it was tapped from the smelter directly into simple open trough moulds, usually just dug out of a bed of sand on the foundry floor consisting of a long channel with smaller ingot moulds coming off the side.    Read More

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